About us

HCXHC (Hardcore Hits Cancer) is a legally-established, non-profit organisation which aims to aid cancer patients from a mental and financial point of view and to raise money for different foundations who work with them, and especially those that assist children. The way we do this is by organising events, parties and concerts and by selling merchandise, all of it related to Hardcore, Punk rock and Metal music. This also helps spread the message that there is room for solidarity in this type of music.

HCXHC was born just as an idea a few years ago, when founder Daniel Sadurni had his own personal battle against cancer. He wanted to help and encourage people who were going through a similar situation and their families.

This idea started to take shape and develop slowly thanks to the collaboration of   (HCXHC Crew) : Mercè Ruíz, Alex Martínez, Miguel Cazorla, Carmen Gutierrez, Fernando Turrillas, Joaquín Primoy, Dani Miranda, Anna Bautista, Rebeca Mesas, Dani Sánchez ,Carlos de Frutos «Kala» ,Mariano Relea,Miki, Iker Martín, Alváro González ,Rober Saéz…

The final push came during the Ankla Fest festival in 2015, when Billy Graziadei -guitarist and singer in Biohazard– went on stage wearing one of our T-shirts and told the audience about our association. After that festival, we have been invited to multiple concerts and festivals to speak about our projects and sell our merchandise. At the moment, there are many bands, concert organisers, sports associations, individual collaborators, record shops, hospitality establishments, etc., who collaborate with us in different ways. We feel very fortunate about the fact that our list of collaborators never stops growing.

Apart from the sale of the association’s own merchandise, we also publish cover compilation albums with classic hardcore, punk rock, rock and metal covers interpreted by the bands that collaborate with us.

100% of the money raised by the sales of HCXHC merchandise and CDs, individual donations and the sales made through the distributor goes to La Casa dels Xuklis, a shelter for disadvantaged families with children suffering from cancer who come to receive treatment at the referral hospitals in Barcelona.

So far, 79,700 euros have been donated to this foundation.

Daniel Sadurní   (President and founder of Hardcore Hits Cancer)


(Translation, Iker Martín)