Since April 1, 2019, our online shop is available at the following URL:, as we have begun a collaborative project with Lost
Serigrafia, who have screen-printed our merchandise since we started at a special price as a
way to contribute to our cause. With the new online store, this collaboration is extended even
further: our merchandise will be available 24/7, without any stock limitations and with
reduced delivery costs. We consider this a step in the right direction, as it benefits all the
people who collaborate with us and also those of us who are part of the association, since we
will be able to focus our efforts on attending more events, participating in more projects, etc.
In case there are any doubts, the funds we raise from the sale of merchandise will still be
destined for the fight against child and teenage cancer through AFANOC’s project, 

La Casa dels Xuklis.

All complaints, questions and other issues regarding the sale of the association’s merchandise
must be sent to the contact indicated at

Our URL ( is still available for downloads and as a non-profit
distributor. All types of material (t-shirts, posters, records, etc.) given by bands, photographers
and other individuals will be posted there. Stay tuned: during the upcoming weeks, we will
start posting all that material, which they have given us altruistically to do their part against
child cancer.
During the next few weeks, we will also start deleting all the data of those who have bought
our merchandise through As our privacy policy states, those personal
data have not been shared with any third parties.
We will keep you posted!